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Get new counseling requests with Secretary365’s innovative method designed specifically for the needs of insurance agencies.

Receive new consulting inquiries in your area for Home policies, Savings Plans, LTC policies, TCM and all other solutions dedicated to individuals.

Receive new consultation requests in your area for D&O Policies, TFM, KeyMan and all other solutions dedicated to Business customers.

Receive new requests for advice from those who must take out legally required Policies, such as Professional Liability.


One of the main problems of the agent profession is being able to ensure a timely telephone response to one’s potential clients. Always out of the office, in the car or busy with an appointment, the agent often finds himself having to decline the call or call his clients back at a later time. All this leads at worst to the loss of potential customers.

Segretaria365 has designed a remote secretarial service specifically for agents to better manage communication with real estate agency clients, improving the organization of professional activities.

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