We want to have the pleasure of presenting ourselves as your ideal partner where through our Operations Center we offer personalized services, timely advice and a staff prepared to respond quickly and professionally to any call, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Condominium managers have become increasingly specialized, true BUSINESS MANAGERS having to deal professionally with :

  • General engineering
  • Computer systems
  • Satisfaction of one’s customer (condominium tenant)
  • Psychology
  • Professional Ethics
  • Sales techniques
  • Accounting

How many times have you been unable to devote yourself entirely to the purely administrative management of your condominiums or to the acquisition of any new utilities and instead have been forced to sort through fault calls on your condominiums.

Today’s customers have become increasingly educated, demanding, and knowledgeable, with ever-increasing expectations and demands, with increasing attention to cost, response time, and courtesy.
To support you in all this, we offer the service SECRETARY365,
Each customer is assigned a personalized number, to which all requests for action come. Our staff will forward calls to the response teams or craftsmen working with you, specifying the facility data.
Staff trained and prepared before operation Our staff is prepared to respond to any incoming request in a timely manner.
In more than 10 years of experience, we have developed operational protocols that enable us to respond quickly and professionally to phone calls.